Natural. Beautiful. Shocking. Annoying. Inspiring.

Does the topic come up more and more often during dinners out with friends or does it hit you arriving home from a long plane ride after a business trip, back in spasm?

Yep, we have arrived.


Now don’t get me wrong,
I feel my most confident, visionary, hot and savvy ever, NOW, at this age.
Yes, I can still throw down as well as any 20 something year old. But aging is a reality, even for we invincible spirits.
I continue to learn that I have to truly take care of my body on all levels.

I’d love to share with you what I've learned.

Can you relate to any of these stories?
My dear friend with whom I’ve been making dance and theatre works for the past 20+ years and I were having brunch the other day in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her adorable 5 year old (my heart) sitting in my lap and a healthy Israeli meal in front of us, we got to dishin’ about life, as women do. Aging talk (discovery/horror/acceptance/celebration/triumphs) always seems to make its way into my adult conversations these days. So, I was not surprised but yet, delighted at her humbling account. She is a yoga teacher in addition to being a dancer/choreographer and so like all of us body practitioners and athletes, continues her own practice by taking class. Running late into yoga, she hurriedly laid out her mat, took a deep breath and got present, only to discover that she couldn’t touch her toes in forward stretch. Now remember, this is a dancer. The teacher lead the Asana again and so she tried, yeah, not gonna happen. What??? Class continued and my friend chose to honor her tight aged morning body and breathe... and yes, of course, by end of class, she was not only reaching her toes but rocking out in her athletic body and capacity. The young teacher came over to her after class, having witnessed her seemingly alien transformation, and inquired with fascination “What happened to you?!”

Have you ever woken one Summer morning, ready to hit the beach, put on your bathing skivvies only to gasp in utter confusion when what’s staring back at you in the mirror is certainly not what you saw last year?! I know, I know, it happens to all of us. I remember urgently calling a fellow dancer as early as in my mid 20’s, hyperventilating into the phone “Ummm… like, what is this back fat... Ah!” That’s when I realized that the days of poor nutrition, partying and ability to jump into full out dancing with no warm up were over.

My 40 something year old client recently went on a run in the park and his calf went into spasm. I asked “Did you warm up or shoot out of the gate like a stallion?” Yep, straight out.



Allow 10 minutes, not two, gradually raise your heart rate, fire up your core, gluts, work stability in shoulder girdle and pelvis, give attention to your particular areas that require charging up before big movements


Turmeric - Decreases inflammation to reduce pain

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) - Sulfur is present in many natural unprocessed foods

Lubricates joints to improve joint comfort and strengthens joints, connective tissue and cartilage. (Powder/capsule)

Probiotics- improve the health and balance of your gut to best digest and absorb the nutrients from food

HYDRATE: sharpen your mental capacity, nourish your muscles - drink a glass of purified water upon waking and in between meals. 8-10 glasses/day Consume half your body weight (lbs) in ounces

CHECK YOUR HORMONE LEVELS: More and more I’ve seen aging affect hormone levels which then determines weight

LIFT: Building strong muscles and bones will keep you young!

MOVE YOUR BODY: movement heals, find what you love, get going and be consistent

MODERATION IN FOOD AND DRINK: simple and effective. Eat clean.

BALANCE: Wide spectrum approach to challenging your muscles and skeletal frame will keep you healthy. Twist, jump, climb, build, stretch, breathe, exert, experience the edge, recover. Lots of techniques out there these days: Pilates, yoga, cardio, dance, aerial, strength lifting, barre, powerlifting. Make sure you’re giving your body a multi-angled approach. 
SPIRIT: laughter, love, meditation, adventure

FORM: I guide my clients, to lift with the principles of dance and Pilates. Sound form allows for true progression. Even my biggest guys have posture that would impress Baryshnikov.