A SECRET to your success is consistency. 


The colder months challenge us, motivation declines, the desire to nest arises.  SCHEDULE YOURSELF, make plans and be accountable. Get to know yourself.  For example, if you save your training until after work, and once you arrive home it’s dark and cold outside and you can’t bring yourself to get your tush out the door to actually go to class, then CHANGE YOUR APPROACH and switch your exercise time to mornings.

- PLAN AHEAD, bring your training clothes to work with you and go straight from work to class/gym.

- SCHEDULE a morning class close to your work and bring your work clothes with you. (Most studios have showers)

- BE EFFICIENT. Duck out at lunchtime for an afternoon session.

- STRIKE THE FINE BALANCE with what feels both tough and doable, embrace your challenge and succeed, everyday.

- CREATE your schedule. Sunday before the beginning of the week, reflect, lean in and make choices. What felt good and worked for you last week? What would you like to improve upon this upcoming week? Schedule your classes and your solo time in the gym. You are accountable to those appointments. Show up for yourself.