February contest winners. It's a tie!

ALL the women rocked it!  So proud of how each and every one of them dove into 4 weeks of lifting challenges, nutrition regimens and transformational coaching.  

"The GREENBODY bootcamp is different because it focuses on perfect form and healthy practice in and out of the studio.  With the clean eating nutrition plan I never felt hungry or deprived of the things I love to eat. 
It's more about being smart with when/how much to eat throughout the day. Jess gives you empowerment to hit the gym on your own.
Her technique is easily translated from the studio to any gym; it's not based on crazy fitness trends that force you to only workout at one location or with specialized machinery.  At the end of 4 weeks I never want it to be over!" ~ Rena

"Incredible!  I really enjoyed having workouts and diets specifically designed for what I was wanting to achieve.  My boyfriend's sister-in-law has seen the drastic changes and already mentioned an interest in the upcoming bootcamp.  She literally was like… how in the world are you so tiny? Totally made my day.  And she is a  dedicated Barry's, Modelfit-er, so it was incredible to hear her feedback. She has been doing those workouts for 6 months and has not seen the kind of change I did in 1 month.  Even in a class setting, everyone has a tailored workout experience and regimen because Jess is fully aware of our individual needs as well as our desires and goals." ~ Libby  

"Jess literally shapes a new you- physically, nutritionally, and mentally.  She went above and beyond what I had expected from a bootcamp, which makes it all the more impressive and unique; giving us nutritional advice, and really spending time with each participant." ~ Danielle


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